BARCELONA, Spain (AP) _ A 25-year-old Basque author has been awarded Spain's highest literary award for the story of a woman searching for her roots after her family moves to a new town, organizers said Saturday.

Laura Espido Freire was awarded the Planeta publishing house prize Friday for her third novel, ``Frozen Peaches.''

Espido Freire's work was chosen from 377 works and will be published by Planeta.

Her two previous novels, ``Ireland'' and ``Where It's Always October,'' were both highly praised by literary critics in Spain.

The 48th annual Planeta prize included a cash award equaling $312,500.

Previous winners of the Planeta prize include Uruguayan writer Carmen Posadas in 1998 with ``Minor Disgraces,'' and Spanish Nobel prize winner Camilo Jose Cela in 1994 for his work ``Saint Andrew's Cross.''