Federal Government Affects Our Lives

January 15, 2019

Editor: The federal government employs a lot of people because so many Americans are affected daily by the work they do, whether we realize it or not. They are keeping our food supply safe, keeping our transportation systems safe, protecting our borders, processing tax returns, processing passport applications, conducting federal trials, enforcing clean air and water regulations, processing mortgage loans, providing disaster assistance and staffing and maintaining the national parks, monuments, and museums,. The list goes on and on. When a new president comes into office with the benefit of a House and Senate majority of their own party, they have two years to get their signature legislation passed. After that, all bets are off, as most times they will lose their majority. That is the way the political pendulum swings most of the time in American politics. Imagine if President Obama was unable to get the Affordable Care Act passed into law in his first two years and then shut down the government after the 2010 election. The screaming from the Republicans would have been deafening. That’s what’s happening now. This President no longer holds the majority and must work with Democrats on a bipartisan solution to the current impasse. To keep federal workers from receiving their paychecks and forcing them to live in financial uncertainty, no matter their individual politics, is just cruel. They have a job to do, many of them have continued to perform without knowing the outcome of whether they will eventually be paid, and we as a nation need them back on the job. If this continues much longer, and with previous policies of family separation, kids in cages and deporting military green card holders, this administration will be cemented in history as the most cruel of any in modern history. Adam Ruderman WEST PITTSTON

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