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Gang Sued To Get Them off Streets

May 5, 1998

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A notorious street gang has been sued to stop its members from hanging out together in a continuing effort by prosecutors to free neighborhoods held hostage by crime.

Prosecutors announced Monday they are seeking their third injunction against factions of the 18th Street gang, which police say controls drugs, extortion and other criminal activity in downtown neighborhoods.

``The gang’s size and propensity to commit violence allows it to maintain control and assert its dominance,″ over certain areas, said Los Angeles City Attorney Jim Hahn.

Police claim the gang is heavily influenced by the Mexican Mafia.

Los Angeles has now obtained a number of injunctions against gangs in different neighborhoods. Other cities in Southern California have obtained similar court orders, despite criticism that they violate the constitutional right to free association.

The latest injunction names 92 alleged gang members and asks that they be prevented from appearing in public with any other named defendant or known 18th Street gang members _ except for high school classes.

It also asks that they be ordered not to possess or use any pager, beeper or cellular phone, block the passage of other persons or go on the private property of others without permission.

The state Supreme Court has upheld such injunctions

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