California woman arrested on disorderly conduct charge after alleged drunken tirade

May 8, 2019

A California woman who said she was a military police officer with the U.S. Navy is accused of less than stellar conduct after a recent incident in Lake Havasu City.

Awbree Alexis Quesada, 28, of San Gabriel, is facing one misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, after Lake Havasu City Police said she went on a drunken tirade when a bartender refused to serve her more alcohol.

According to the police report, at about 5:47 p.m., Tuesday, April 30, an officer responded to the Nautical Inn. A security official told the officer a woman wearing a turquoise bikini was at the bar with other guests when he “cut her off” from drinking any more alcohol because “she had too much.”

The man asked the woman, later identified as Quesada, to leave the bar and go to her room to sober up. He said she began yelling at him while using profane language. She did go to her room, but the security guard wanted her removed from the property.

According to the report, when officers spoke to Quesada at her room, where she was staying with her parents, she said she was military police in the Navy and she was going to ship out May 7.

Police said she continued to use profanity and she said she didn’t care if she got into trouble. She was arrested and when she and the officer approached his patrol car, she squatted on the pavement and said she needed to pee.

The officer told her to not pee and to stand up before he placed her in his vehicle. Police said Quesada’s alleged tirade continued at the city jail where she refused to give breath sample.

— Today’s News-Herald