ZREZE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ Six mangled bodies were laid out on a tile floor at Prizren hospital: three women, one child, two men _ all victims, Serb officials said, of a NATO attack on a Kosovo road clogged with civilians.

The hospital was one of four stops Thursday on a tour organized for foreign journalists by Serb authorities, who took them to Zreze, eight miles south of the southwestern city of Prizren.

Damage from apparent bombing was visible at three sites along the road. Badly burned bodies had yet to be removed. Journalists saw crushed tractors, a severed head in a field, a charred body and body parts.

At the hospital, journalists spoke with about 12 wounded people whose fractured accounts described a confused scene of refugees trying to flee to neighboring Albania as well as trying return to homes they had left.

Teuta Sulja, 16, said seven people were killed on the open-bed trailer she was traveling in.

``I lost an uncle and a father and another relative,'' she said. Blood soaked through a bandage on her right leg.

Another victim, Ismet Sulj, said he was in a convoy of about 3,000 refugees from six villages moving toward Prizren when the bombs fell. He said there were four tractors pulling people behind him, and many more refugees on foot.

``No military was with us,'' Sulj said. He suffered only scratches, but his three sons, ages 13, 15 and 17, were in the hospital ward.

At one of the stops on the tour, three miles from Zreze, a Serb commander called the bombing ``a criminal act.''

``The sky was as blue as today,'' said Col. Slobodan Stojanovic.

A charred arm lay next to a burned-out tractor nearby.

``The pilot could see perfectly,'' he said. ``The column was several kilometers (miles) long. It was clear they were all civilians.''