Huge Wisconsin cheeseboard breaks world record

August 2, 2018

Nonprofit Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin snatched the world record for the largest cheese plate Wednesday with a platter of more than two tons of cheese.

The nearly 35½-by-7½ foot platter — laden with 4,437 pounds and 9.92 ounces of cheese — trounced the former Dutch record holder by over 1,000 pounds, and was presented to the public in a life-size barn replica on Madison’s Capitol Square.

The almost 150 different varieties of cheese were donated by dairy farmers around Wisconsin and were presented on a gigantic replica of a cheeseboard, said Suzanne Fanning, vice president of communications for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

The nonprofit had challenged the world title in March with a barn full of cheese at music festival South by Southwest, but since the attempt wasn’t official the title didn’t stick.

After that, it started making plans to break the record for real to showcase Wisconsin cheeses, said Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin spokeswoman Lizzie Duffey.

“Wisconsin makes almost half of all the specialty cheeses of the country and we win more awards than any other state or country,” Fanning said. “We want to stand up and let the world know (our cheese is best). It’s not opinion, it’s fact.”

Cheeseheads began converging around the platter at 5 p.m. when the barn — which was digitally designed and put together by hand — opened to the public for viewing, snacking and the official world record-breaking announcement.

Following the announcement, guests filed into the barn with toothpicks to sample the huge cheese platter.

Presiding over the event, dubbed Cheese on the Square, was a monster wheel of Henning’s Mammoth Cheddar. The wheel itself weighed 2,064 pounds, nearly half the total award winning weight.

“The fact that the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin have one big old wheel of cheddar cheese over 2,000 pounds, that really helps them,” said Mike Marcotte, Guinness World Records adjudicator.

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