DANVILLE, Ill. (AP) _ An explosion in a garage Thursday killed a man whom the FBI wanted to question in a local church bombing four days ago.

FBI spokesman Don Berecz wouldn't call the man a suspect, but told CNN ``the individual was on our list of people to talk to.''

``It was some kind of explosive device that went off,'' Berecz said.

There were no other injuries reported in the late-afternoon explosion in this east-central Illinois community.

CNN, citing a senior law enforcement official, said the man was one of 12 suspects in the blast outside the church and that Thursday's explosion occurred as agents knocked on the man's door.

CBS Radio reported the incident was believed to be a suicide.

Jerry Singer, special agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Chicago, said he couldn't confirm the reports.

Jeffrey Roehm, a spokesman at ATF's headquarters in Washington, would also not comment on the CBS and CNN reports.

``This is way to early in the investigation,'' Roehm said.

Singer said ATF agents were investigating. Reporters were kept two to three blocks from the scene.

Police spokesman Larry Thomason said 20 to 25 homes had been evacuated and residents might not be allowed to return home until Friday afternoon. He said bomb squads were sweeping the scene.

David Dumas, 43, who lives a half-block away from the site of Thursday's blast, said: ``It sounded like three or four of those big firecracker blocks they set off on the Fourth of July.''

City police refused to comment.

Lynn Wasmer, who lives next door to the scene of the explosion, said she did not know the names of her neighbors, but said the victim lived with his mother.

She said she saw the mother running around the back yard after the explosion.

``She seemed shocked. She just wanted to know what happened to her son, but nobody wanted to say he was dead,'' Wasmer said.

The garage was at a home about 3 miles from the First Assembly of God Church.

The bomb outside the church Sunday ripped a 10-by-15-foot hole in the building, injuring 33 people. There have been no arrests.

That bombing was the second at a Vermilion County church in less than six months. The earlier bombing, Dec. 30 outside the Oakwood United Methodist Church in nearby Oakwood, killed a church volunteer who moved a package containing the bomb.

Authorities have said they have not established a link between those bombs.