Oklahoma students collaborate to help patients who have cancer

March 18, 2019

DUNCAN, Okla. — A group of third grade girls from Comanche have been working together in friendship to help people through a hard time dealing with cancer.

Brenley Green, MaKenna Kulbeth, Cianna O’Connor and Emma Milburn have been making different types of bracelets and rings for the last several months, charging a dollar or less for an item and collected the proceeds to donate to people affected by cancer.

“My friend Libby does it for kids with cancer with her friends so I decided I would do it with mine,” Emma said to The Duncan Banner. “We sold them for about 5 months, before we made them for cancer, it was just me by myself and I made $50 dollars to give to the Humane Society.”

The squad of bracelet braiders were able to donate $220.25 to the Taylor Le Norman/McCasland Cancer Center at Duncan Regional Hospital.

The girls went on a tour of the Cancer Center after they donated the proceeds, and learned their donation would help with several things from gas cards, to wigs and hats or even helping pay for medication.

Emma said “I just wanted to help people.”

Brenley said she wanted to help people with cancer because of her grandmother.

“My grandma (SIC) had cancer — she passed away two or three years ago like a week before my birthday,” she said.

The group sells at schools and during their other activities.

“She (MaKenna) sells them at cheer practice, I sell them at basketball games,” said Cianna.

The girls said they all had fun together and liked meeting people and were proud they were able to make goals and achieve them.

They also hoped other young people would try to volunteer.

“Keep going and adding on — (there) are other groups now because of us, started doing (bracelets) and started helping,” Cianna said.

Starting small is ok too.

“Do your best even if you start out kind of slow just keep on going,” Emma said.