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American to Close Domestic Crew Bases in Nashville, Raleigh-Durham

October 11, 1994

Undated (AP) _ American Airlines said today it will close its pilot and domestic flight attendant crew bases at its hubs in Raleigh-Durham and Nashville next year to match the continued shrinking of the airline.

American said the crew bases are no longer economically viable because of aircraft retirements and previously announced schedule changes. International flight attendants in both cities will remain to staff London flights and other international routes.

Pilots based at Raleigh-Durham fly the short- to medium-range Boeing 727, which the airline intends to fly less of next year. Pilots at the Nashville crew base fly the smaller Fokker F-100. American has changed its Nashville schedule and moved more F-100 flying to its Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago hubs.

″Schedule changes and aircraft retirements we’ve previously announced have brought the size of these bases down to their current level,″ Robert W. Baker, American’s executive vice president-operations, said. ″Any future schedule decisions will be made independent of today’s announcement.″

The Raleigh-Durham base has 139 Boeing 727 pilots and 188 domestic flight attendants. It also has 202 international flight attendants, who will remain in Raleigh-Durham.

The Nashville base has 126 F-100 pilots and 261 domestic flight attendants. It also has 99 international flight attendants, who will remain.

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