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Egypt erupts with protests demanding Morsi ouster

June 30, 2013

CAIRO (AP) — Massive crowds are in the streets of Cairo and cities around the Egypt and even outside the presidential palace in a cheering tide of people attempting to force out the Islamist president with some of the largest protests Egypt has seen in 2 ½ years of turmoil.

Waving flags, blowing whistles and chanting, the protesters are attempting to show by sheer numbers that the country has irrevocably turned against Mohammed Morsi, a year to the day that he was inaugurated as Egypt’s first freely elected president.

Morsi made clear through a spokesman he will remain in place and his Islamist supporters vowed not to allow protesters to remove one of their own, brought to office in a legitimate vote. Thousands of Islamists massed not far from the presidential palace in support of Morsi, and fears are widespread that the two sides are heading to a violent collision.

At least four people were killed Sunday in shootings at anti-Morsi protesters in southern Egypt. And after dark, youths attacked the headquarters of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo with rocks and firebombs, sparking clashes.

But the rampant violence many feared has not erupted so far.

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