Middleton man dies after driving off Merrimac Ferry landing, officials say

August 29, 2018

A Middleton man died Tuesday night in Sauk County after he drove off the landing of the Merrimac Ferry into the Wisconsin River.

Scott L. Kirkpatrick, 57, who was driving the car, appeared to believe Highway 113 continued on instead of ending at the river, Sheriff Chip Meister said.

The car, which also had a female passenger, drove off the landing on the Merrimac side at about 9 p.m., Meister said.

Both were able to escape the vehicle, and the woman swam ashore but Kirkpatrick was not able to make it, Meister said.

The Sauk County dive team found Kirkpatrick and the vehicle, Meister said. Kirkpatrick died at the scene.

Although storms had swept through the area and parts of the region were hit by flooding, the incident does not appear to be weather related, Meister said.

State Department of Transportation spokesman Michael Bie said he was not aware of any similar crashes happening at the landing.

The car was found about 25 feet off shore in 15 feet of water.

State Journal reporter Bill Novak contributed to this report.

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