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Eye Wear Top List of Items Replaced On Citibank’s Buyer Protection

July 18, 1990

NEW YORK (AP) _ A bracelet eaten by an alligator. A wedding dress soiled in an oil spill. A casket damaged in transit from Aruba.

Those are some of the items Citibank says it has replaced since it began offering buyers protection insurance to its 22 million holders of Visa and MasterCard a year ago.

Citibank, the nation’s largest credit card issuer, said it has paid ″several million dollars″ in claims to its cardholders through the program, although it won’t release specific numbers.

In a survey released today, Citibank said that eyeglasses, contact lenses jewelry and car stereos were the most frequent lost, stolen or damaged items that have been replaced for credit-card customers in the past year. It said the average claim paid was between $150 and $175; the lowest was $1.29 for a bottle of hairspray.

The alligator-eaten bracelet, soiled wedding dress and banged-up casket were among the more bizarre claims. Others include a shower stall lost on a highway when it fell off a trailer and a set of orthodontic braces misplaced on vacation.

But Citibank said it has drawn the line on certain items like theater and movie tickets, golf balls and living things.

They said one customer tried to mail a dead gold fish as proof of purchase, while another sought reimbursement for grass seed eaten by birds.

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