Kemp signs bill creating Atlanta United license plates

May 6, 2019

MARIETTA — Fans of Atlanta United FC will soon have another way of showing their support.

Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill Monday that allows the state to begin selling specialty license plates featuring the Major League Soccer club’s logo, its five stripes motif and its slogan: “Unite & Conquer.”

Kemp signed the bill at Atlanta United’s headquarters and training center in Marietta.

“I’m certainly honored to be here today at this Atlanta United training facility. I mean, this is magnificent,” Kemp said.

He also praised the design of the new plate.

“When I was in the Legislature, I was chair of the public safety committee and I dealt with a lot of car tags. … I’ve seen a lot of them. That is one sharp license plate. It really is. I told my staff this morning, I said, ‘That thing looks good.’ I think we’re going to see a lot of those.”

Kemp said he’s “incredibly proud” of the team, which last year won the MLS Cup in its second year of operation, both for its play on the field and its effect of uniting the city behind them.

“In every game, Atlanta United demonstrates how people from all walks of life, quite honestly, can come together with their families and their friends and rally behind one cause, whether win or lose. Thankfully, we’ve been winning more than we’ve been losing, and that’s exactly how we want it to stay,” Kemp said, adding, “It’s a testament to the fact that we have so much more in common than what we have that divides us in Georgia and across our country, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like that.”

Prior to the signing of Senate Bill 8, Atlanta United President Darren Eales and owner Arthur Blank presented Kemp with his own club jersey, number 83 to signify his place as Georgia’s 83rd governor.

Kemp said fans can begin preordering the new Atlanta United license plates on May 28.

The Georgia Department of Revenue, which administers specialty license plates, does not have the new tag on its website yet, but similar tags for other sports teams cost $80 initially and $55 annually to renew.

State Sen. P.K. Martin, R-Lawrenceville, sponsored the bill in the Georgia Senate. He said funds raised through the sale of the license plates will benefit the Atlanta United Foundation.

“They support a variety of charities, including Soccer in the Streets, Boys and Girls clubs and others … all to promote soccer, health (and) teamwork in children,” Martin said.

Eales said fans have been asking about getting a specialty license plate for years.

“We see our fans all over this great city and great state, and I’m sure as we’re driving along in the future, you’ll see these license plates everywhere,” he said.