After another stunning performance, Duo Transcend waits for America’s Got Talent announce show tonight

September 20, 2018

And now they wait.

The popular aerial act, Duo Transcend put on a fiery and heart-stopping performance Tuesday night during the finals show of season 13 of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Duo Transcend is Huntington native Mary Ellen Wolfe-Nielsen and her husband and partner Tyce Nielsen, who have been performing an aerial act and daredevil roller skating act for the past seven years.

The couple is one of the Top 10 AGT acts. They will find out if they win the show’s main prize of $1 million, and a show in Vegas, during the final two-hour special, that airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19.

During Tuesday night’s performance, the couple turned up the production heat with a group of drummers pounding out a rhythm in front of a colorful LED lit volcanic video backdrop while Tyce did the entire routine blindfolded. In a reverse twist of their infamous drop on the Judge’s Cut show back in July on AGT, the couple ended their performance with Mary Ellen climbing above Tyce and then dropping him (on purpose) onto the floor below.

“America’s Got Talent” stars creator and executive producer Simon Cowell, along with fellow judges, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and host, Tyra Banks were unanimous in their praise of the couple. Cowell said that he has really come to respect the couple whom he said has made this season and this show special.

“I am not normally a huge fan of this kind of act but you two are at a different level,” Cowell said. “Honestly, I have so much respect for what you do. This is live TV and this can go horribly wrong but you are sensational in what you do. You have made this show special. It is the best performance you have done so far. It is amazing.”

Mandel noted that they have like everyone on the finals really stepped up their game for the Finals.

“It is amazing. You figure how are you going to step it up and if I am correct you (Tyce) were blindfolded the entire act,” Mandel said. “Not for one trick, the entire act, and also the production and everything around it, this is the best show I have ever seen, let alone be on. Every act seems like a winning act to me I am so confused. Good luck America.”

“That was exciting, sexy, hot and dangerous,” Klum said. “He dropped you before and today you dropped his booty.”

Mel B said they made something that is incredibly hard look easy.

“I think my favorite part was when you dropped him at the end,” Mel B said getting a big laugh from the audience. “I don’t think people realize how strong you have to be to do this,” Mel B said. “You make it look easy, seamless and flawless.”

Wolfe-Nielsen, the daughter of former Huntington mayor and former Cabell County Sheriff Kim Wolfe and his wife, regional actress Debbie Wolfe, will try to become the second West Virginia native to win “America’s Got Talent.”

Logan County native and resident Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., who is still touring the country as a throwback R&B and jazz-based classic crooner, won the show in 2011.

Huntington native dancer Nick Mishoe made it to the AGT Finals in 2014 as half of the multi-media dance duo, “Blue Journey.” Interestingly, both Mishoe and Mary Ellen grew up being trained in dance by Ella Hay’s”Art Center School of Dance” in Westmoreland.

Some media outlets are putting them in the Top 3 frontrunners. On Wednesday morning, CinemaBlend reported that they feel that Duo Transcend, magician Shin Lim, and 13-year-old British teenage rock singer, Courtney Hadwin are their three top picks.

Mary Ellen said she appreciates everyone supporting them with their encouraging messages and their votes to help them win this year’s “America’s Got Talent.”

“We’ve gotten a lot of supportive messages from people in West Virginia and the Tri-State area. I’m so grateful to have support from people back home. I’m honored to be from West Virginia,” Mary Ellen said.

Out in L.A., the couple had lots of supports in the audience including her mom and dad, Kim and Debbie Wolfe, Tyce’s mom Shelley Nielsen. Their son Jaxx, who Debbie has been babysitting for out in L.A. Also in attendance was sister Angela Wolfe Hunt, and long-time good theater friends, Kacey Gill, Shayne Gue and Whitney Jenkins.

Whatever happens, Mary Ellen said they have had a great time meeting and making friends with the other very talented contestants.

“We became really close with Christina Wells, she has such a great personality and she’s so funny,” Wolfe-Nielsen said. “We actually went to Houston to visit her after judge cuts. We are also really close with Daniel Emmet, he’s had a crazy journey with AGT, he didn’t make it at Judge cuts, and was brought back as a wild card. So he’s been fighting like crazy to stay in the show and it’s paid off for him, now he’s in the finals with us. We’re actually with him right now at this very moment heading to some interviews. We’ve become close with a lot of the performers, we all spend a lot of time together in rehearsals. We all respect and want the best for each other.”

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