Don’t blame Democrats for courts -- Derek Popp

July 24, 2018

John Kass’ July 12 column, “Originalists like Kavanaugh maintain the republic,” said Democrats brought the U.S. Supreme Court debacle on themselves by getting rid of the filibuster rule and “packing the lower courts with liberal judges.” That is complete nonsense.

As I recall, Republicans were holding to their pledge that President Barack Obama would get nothing through and had created a backlog of unfilled judicial positions. In the interest of being able to move forward and reduce the case backlog, they got rid of the filibuster rule. They clearly didn’t get rid of it soon enough because there were still a lot of open position, which has allowed President Donald Trump to appoint more judges in a shorter time than any other president.

So it would appear President Trump has packed the lower courts and is now working on the U.S. Supreme Court. He could get one or two more picks before 2020. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell, R-Ky., played this brilliantly.

It took him eight years, but in the end he delivered the courts to the conservatives.

Derek Popp, Mount Horeb

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