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ANKARA, Turkey (AP) _ Turkey's consumer inflation increased by 2.2 percent in August, while wholesale prices rose by 2.1 percent, the State Statistics Institute reported Tuesday.

The inflation figures were in line with market expectations and raised hopes that the government would reach its year-end target of 35 percent consumer inflation.

For the year, consumer inflation is 40.2 percent and wholesale inflation is 43.9 percent.

Analysts, however, warn that the latest inflation figures might be deceptive.

A sharp decrease in consumer spending limited the August rise in prices, said Cigdem Guclu, an analyst from Societe Generale. Analysts expect inflation to rise slightly in the coming months, as parents start their back to school buying sprees.

The government's economic program targets spending cuts and privatization to spur growth and curb inflation, amid a crisis that has seen a 50 percent currency devaluation and more than one million job losses. The economy shrank 9.4 percent last year, while consumer prices rose nearly 70 percent.

The program has won backing from the International Monetary Fund, making Turkey one of the Fund's largest borrowers with a total of $31 billion in loans.