SOS: ‘Progressive’ phone company makes slow progress on cancellation

October 1, 2018

Oma Vic McMurray liked that the mobile phone service she signed up with eight years ago advocates for “progressive” social change.

She was also impressed with the professionalism and kindness of three front-line CREDO Mobile employees.

She was less happy to be without a working phone for four or five days and billed for more than three months after she had canceled the San Francisco-based company’s service.

McMurray, 59, of Madison, contacted SOS in early August to say she canceled CREDO’s service on May 18, only to continue to see the company withdraw approximately $106 per month from her credit union account.

She had signed up with the company — which donates to liberal causes, and monitors the news and encourages customers to contact their representatives — because of its social advocacy but decided to cancel because it was getting too expensive.

“I quit not because I didn’t believe in Credo but because I am poor (and) I cannot afford to pay twice as much,” she wrote on Aug. 5. “I decided to go with a cheaper plan elsewhere and choose where to put my energy/money.”

She said that shortly after canceling she was without a working phone number for four or five days because CREDO either committed a data-entry error in transferring her phone number to her new provider (CREDO’s explanation) or refused to make that transfer (her new provider’s explanation). Meanwhile, her requests for a refund were put off.

“Month after month, they kept telling me that I would get my money back,” she said.

SOS had a summer chock full of needy consumers, so it didn’t have a chance to contact CREDO officials on McMurray’s behalf until Aug. 28, when it started sending email inquires to several CREDO accounts and two public relations folks who have worked for CREDO.

Only Mariam Ahmed of BerlinRosen public relations responded, saying on Aug. 28 that McMurray’s concern had been passed along to CREDO. Two weeks later, after SOS contacted her again, she said it was CREDO’s “policy to only work directly with customers on issues related to their account, and that they have done that here. They do appreciate you reaching out, but it’s not something they are able to discuss with others.”

McMurray, meanwhile, said she had already gotten a call directly from CREDO, just an hour after SOS had started to beat the bushes — or at least that’s what CREDO told her.

On Aug. 30, CREDO’s “Ron,” who did not provide his last name, emailed McMurray to inform her she was in line for a $328.68 refund for the three-plus months when she was billed — but did not have — CREDO’s service. McMurray said she has already received about $212 of that amount.

“I just am very grateful for what you do,” she told SOS.

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