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Wichita Woman’s Kuwati Husband Freed By Iraq

October 22, 1990

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ A 3-week-old son he has never seen will be waiting for Nabil Seyam when he gets back to Wichita this week after more than two months trapped in Iraqi- occupied Kuwait.

Carrie Seyam said her husband called her Sunday morning from Jordan. Hours later, a Wichita television station let her see a 17-second videotape of Seyam talking to reporters there.

″He looks good. He looks a little bit tired, but he’s the same,″ she said.

Seyam talked about his parents and siblings he had to leave behind in Kuwait. ″I’m going to do my best, hopefully, when I get back to the States to get my family out,″ he said.

Seyam knew his U.S. citizenship made him a potential hostage soon after Iraq invaded Kuwait Aug. 2. Earlier this month, he was stopped at a checkpoint and taken into custody after soldiers read his nationality on his driver’s license.

The State Department told Mrs. Seyam they would try to get him out since Iraq was allowing some Arab-Americans to leave.

Seyam called from Baghdad on Wednesday to say he was being released.

″It was six o’clock in the morning. The baby had just woke up,″ Mrs. Seyam said. ″I heard that phone and I just flew out of bed.″

The couple, both 29, met when Seyam was an engineering student at Wichita State University. They married almost 11 years ago.

By the time he went to work at Kuwait Metal Pipe Industries as a safety engineer, the Seyams had a girl and a boy to move with them back to his homeland.

Mrs. Seyam worked in Kuwait as a teacher’s assistant at the American school. On June 1, more than six months pregnant, she left Kuwait with her children to visit her parents in Wichita. She planned to return in August and be in Kuwait for the birth of her third child. Instead, Yusef was born in Wichita.


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