SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Javier Lopez squatted like a catcher to set a target for Madison Bumgarner. Then he reacted like a catcher who took a foul tip off a hand.

Lopez will miss up to a week after Bumgarner's warmup pitch hit him squarely on the top of his left hand during practice Monday.

"It hit flush on the wrist," Lopez said. "We were working on a split-change-curve combination, basically a change."

The San Francisco Giants' left-hander showed off the injury Wednesday. The seams of the baseball were clearly visible on his hand.

"Nothing is broken," Lopez said. "I'm definitely not going to rush it. I wasn't going to throw anyway and this gives me another reason."

Giants manager Bruce Bochy was not too concerned about it and did not think it would put Lopez behind schedule.

"He's going to need a few days," Bochy said. "He's pretty sore."