Daniel F. Tondre: Where is our federal government going?

October 10, 2018


I take exception to those who by their attempt to usurp the rule of action to be followed in the defense of guilt or innocence. Those who impose such action do not serve the will of the people but of their own private agenda for power at any coast regardless of who they hurt or condemn without just cause in such a totally un-American way. So many in concert, Democrats along with a corrupt media are in public condemnation of a person of the utmost integrity.

They are the ones who prove themselves guilty for the abominable actions of c0ndefFlflation, and anyone who is in agreement with them, and who support such divisive and un-American and disgusting behavior are as guilty as the perpetrators, or should I call them what they really are traitors to the American way. They should be ashamed and made to resign their office. The consequence of their actions should be one of total defeat in the up corning election. Just think of the ridiculous and calumnious mark of disgrace you have brought on yourselves and of your party as well as the tarnish you put on the electoral process of fairness which your party has engaged in repeatedly.

These are the quick sand of the swamp. Let those who live by the sword, die by the sword. You are not presumed to be guilty, you are guilty, guilty, guilty! I sincerely hope what you have done comes back to bite you. You don’t deserve to be considered American. May you find it in your souls to seek forgiveness that is if you have a conscience.

It should be pointed out that Pres. Trump does not take a salary, but selflessly serves to restore our Nation, take us out of the downward’ s pin of the previous administration, economically as well as its being overburdened with red tape. His achievements have been totally ignored by the media.

Daniel F. Tondre

Lake Havasu City

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