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Bellcore Claims Advance in Superconductivity

December 14, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ Bell Communications Research said Wednesday its researchers had built multi-layered superconducting materials that could some day be used for switches in extremely fast and sensitive electronic devices.

In the short run the materials could be used as delicate detectors of magnetic fields in telecommunications systems, according to Bellcore, the research arm of the regional Bell telephone companies.

Eventually they could be used for high-speed switches in telecommunications systems or as computer logic gates, one of the key building blocks of computer circuits, Bellcore said.

Bellcore researchers created thin films that display the characteristics known as Josephson effects necessary for superconductive electronics, Bellcore said. The properties can be controlled so they appear in predictable and reproducible ways, the organization said.

Superconducting materials allow electricity to flow with no loss of energy to resistance.

Bellcore said its materials worked at temperatures near the temperature of liquid nitrogen, about 300 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Existing superconductive devices have to be cooled to about 420 degrees below zero, the temperature of liquid helium, which is more expensive and harder to control.

The Bellcore team was led by Venky Venkatesan and Chuck Rogers and worked in cooperation with Arun Inam and other students from Rutgers University.

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