COTTBUS, Germany (AP) _ A German court convicted three youths of manslaughter Monday in the death of an Algerian asylum seeker who was killed as he tried to escape a group of neo-Nazis.

The youths were sentenced to jail terms ranging from two to three years.

They were accused of chasing Omar Ben Noui, 28, and two friends through the eastern German town of Guben, south of Berlin, after a dispute at a disco on Feb. 13, 1999.

In his attempt to escape, Noui broke through the glass door of an apartment building, severing an artery in his leg. Police say he bled to death in the vestibule within 15 minutes.

In all, 11 youths, aged 18 to 21, had faced charges of manslaughter, causing bodily harm and inciting hatred. Six of the defendants were sentenced to probation of one to two years; two received court warnings.