W. Lee Flowers and Co. donates $10,000 to Lake City Boys & Girls Club

August 22, 2018

W. Lee Flowers and Co. donated $10,000 Tuesday afternoon to the Lake City Boys & Girls Club.

FLORENCE, S.C. — W. Lee Flowers and Co. donated $10,000 Tuesday afternoon to the Lake City Boys & Girls Club. The check presentation was held at the club on Calhoun Street.

W. Lee Flowers and Co., which owns KJ’s Market IGA and is based in Lake City, gives to the Boys & Girls Club each year.

Jeff Jernigan, store manager of the KJs in Lake City, said the funds were raised from a company golf tournament earlier in the year.

“We use the proceeds from that tournament to give back to the community,” Jernigan said. “We want to help these kids grow their future, stay out of trouble and the Boys & Girls Club gives them a place to come that will teach them good values and morals. Hopefully, that translates to them becoming better citizens down the road.”

Jernigan said the company looks for ways to get involved with the community and make a difference.

“It’s extremely important to me and the KJs market to be involved in the community,” Jernigan said. “It’s for the communities that we live in. I try to be as supportive as I can of the community of Lake City, S.C. I want to help grow the future of Lake City, S.C., and that involves taking your children and giving them a bright path to follow as they become employees, voters and leaders right here at home.”

Carla Angus, chairwoman of the Lake City Boys & Girls Club, said that W. Lee Flowers and Co. has continued to be a strong supporter of the organization for many years.

“I’m extremely excited about the donation that was made today,” Angus said. “They’ve continued to be a strong supporter, and we’re very thankful for them.”

Angus said the Boys & Girls Clubs play an important role in mentoring, training and making an impact on youth at an early age.

“It’s extremely important that we organizations and individuals that support and donate to the Boys & Girls Club,” Angus said. “With the monies, we’re able to add to our program, keep up our facilities and have staff that we need to make an impact on these children’s lives. If you touch a kid while they’re young, they’re going to make a big impact on the community when they’re older. We’re very thankful for this organization, and we encourage others — both organizations and individuals — to get involved.

“It starts here.”

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