Three arrested in Havasu on drug charges

February 23, 2019

Lake Havasu City police officers were sent to a Willow Drive residence Feb. 12 after receiving reports from Mohave County Probation officers about a possible narcotics violation.

According to the report, probation officers arrived at the location in a search for Bre D. Manning, 44, who resided at the address. When they knocked on the door, they allegedly heard a loud crash and a scuffle inside. A man, identified Adam Germano, 37, answered the door several minutes later. With him was David J. Aguirre, 36,who identified himself from within.

Probation officers located a loaded syringe in a bedroom within the residence, as well as Manning’s purse, which contained another loaded syringe, the report said.

A glass pipe containing burnt residue was found on a couch in the home, the report said. According to statements allegedly made by Germano, he arrived at the residence to make arrangements for Manning’s dog, and stayed the night.

According to statements allegedly made by Aguirre, he arrived at the home 20 minutes prior to probation officers’ arrival to retrieve the animal.

Both denied ownership of the drugs and paraphernalia allegedly found at the scene.

As police took Germano and Aguirre into custody, officers received a report that Manning was located in a separate room of the home.

Manning allegedly admitted to ownership of the drugs and paraphernalia recovered by police, and was arrested at the scene.

Aguirre and Germano were each charged with felony counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Germano was additionally charged with possession of narcotic drugs. Manning was charged with felony counts of possession of narcotic drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Manning was attending Lake Havasu City Drug Court after an arrest on similar drug charges in 2017, but was suspended from that program following her arrest this month.