Walker must think roads are great -- Gary Tribbey

October 1, 2018

I recently drove around Wisconsin on our fantastic roads. Gov. Scott Walker obviously thinks they’re great because he and the rest of the Republicans have done nothing to maintain them.

Of course, the roads in Republican areas appear to be in better shape than those in Democratic areas. Our roads are so great, I have to make an appointment to check my suspension and get a four-wheel alignment. In addition, I probably ought to visit my dentist to check for loose teeth.

I used to be proud of our roads. Now I am embarrassed. Obviously, Gov. Walker and the rest of the Republicans won’t do anything. He claims he is moving Wisconsin forward -- it better be at a really slow speed.

Do we need to contact the Koch brothers? The governor listens to them instead of listening to the needs and demands of his citizens.

Gary Tribbey, Sun Prairie

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