Gymnasts defeat Sauk Prairie in home opener

December 6, 2018

Watertown’s gymnastics team defeated Sauk Prairie 123.85-118.125 in a Badger Conference dual meet that served as the team’s home opener on Tuesday at Watertown High School.

“Overall, varsity struggled a bit tonight compared to Saturday’s performance at the West Bend Invite,” Watertown co-gymnastics coach Jenna Wendt said. “Some routines were better and some skills were better. The girls are still trying to get into their routines and find their groove. As a team, they are sticking together and we are off to a good start.”

Watertown started on vault with a team score of 32.45.

“That is an average to good score for us, but we are capable of scoring a little higher as a team,” Wendt said.

Rachael Sprenger scored 7.7 with a half on/half off vault. Meghan Hurtgen (8.15) tied for third with a half on half off vault. Morgan Ellsworth (8.2) tied for second with a half on half off vault. Lauryn Olson scored 8.1 with a half on handspring full off vault. Julie Walter scored 8.0 with a half on half off vault.

The Goslings competed on bars in the second rotation with team score of 28.975. “Overall, our bar scores were definitely lower than Saturday’s and we did not seem as focused on the event either as a team,” Wendt said.

Ellsworth scored 7.3 after a solid routine with no stops.

Ashley Campbell scored 7.175.

“She had a nice routine and she’s working on increasing her difficulty,” Wendt said.

Mia Ashenfelter took second place with a 7.475.

“She took second place with her clean routine and her newly added layout dismount which looked nice for the first meet,” Wendt said.

Hurtgen scored 6.1.

“She took a fall on her giants,” Wendt said. “She is working hard on getting them consistently, but gymnastics is a tough sport which constantly pushes your mentality. She will get them.”

Lauren Marks scored 7.025.

“She threw her layout dismount today, but was a bit sloppy,” Wendt said. “She will work to improve her form and add new skills.”

Beam was in the third round and it did not go nearly as well for the team as it did last Saturday, as the Goslings score 29.9.

“However, they all did the best they could have at that point in time and we will keep doing numerous beam sets to get more repetition in,” Wendt said.

Campbell scored 7.1 with a stuck beam routine. Marks (6.7), Mia Ashenfelter (6.35) Ellsworth (7.5) and Hurtgen (8.6) also competed.

Watertown ended the night on the signature floor exercise with a team score of 32.525.

“Our dance is always fun and captivating, but we are working on our overall form with our jump connections, finishing our tumbling passes, and increasing our difficulty to get the maximum score/points possible out of each routine,”

Marks scored 7.0.

“She will keep working on her back layout so she can twist it,” Wendt said.

Olson scored 7.15.

“She nailed her front full again and is getting more comfortable,” Wendt said.

Ashenfelter scored 8.2. Ellsworth took third place with an 8.45.

“Both are getting more comfortable with throwing back fulls,” Wendt said. “Both Mia and Morgan’s floor routines are starting to look very nice and polished.”

Meghan Hurtgen took first place with an 8.725.

“She has a very consistent floor routine via dance and tumbling,” Wendt said. “Meghan is a great competitor on both floor and beam. Once we up her difficulty on both events, she should be scoring in the 9s.”

Hurtgen took second in all-around scoring with a 31.575, while Ellsworth was third with a 31.45.

Watertown’s JV beat Sauk Prairie 102.25-100.55.

“Co-coach Paula (Mandel) and I are very proud of all of the girls and especially happy for the JV’s girls first competition,” Wendt said. “They all did so well. For three of our girls, it was their first gymnastics competition ever. It is so fun to watch the girls put together skills and compete and we are very proud of our team and can’t wait to watch them all grow through the season.”

Watertown competes at the Oconomowoc Invitational on Saturday.

JV scores


Savanna Schultz 6.1

Mia Ashenfelter 7.000

Karleigh Jacobs 7.4

Lauren Marks 7.250

Ashley Campbell 7.550


Cassidy Brodeske 4.9

Rachael Sprenger 4.2

Karleigh Jacobs 6.350

Ella Faltersack 3.9

Lauryn Olson 5.250


Julie Walter 5.2

Ella Faltersack 5.9

Rachael Sprenger 6.5

Lauryn Olson 5.7

Karleigh Jacobs 6.9

Floor exercise

Savanna Schultz 5.3

Ella Faltersack 6.2

Karleigh Jacobs 6.7

Ashley Campbell 7.1

Rachael Sprenger 7.350


Karleigh Jacobs 27.350

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