Sun Prairie has fine farms, crops, railroad -- State Journal report from 160 years ago

May 5, 2019

This State Journal report ran on the front page May 4, 1859:

On yesterday we passed through the country to Sun Prairie, and it is difficult to find a more beautiful section of country than is brought to view on that short trip.

Splendid farms are on the way, conspicuous among which are those of D.J. Powers, Esq., the secretary of the State Agricultural Society, whose expansive and well-tilled fields give conclusive evidence to his claim to high rank in the agricultural interests of the state.

Mr. Hall’s farm, located nearly opposite that of Mr. Powers, presents great attractions, causing town people, as they pass by, to sigh for rural life. And a little further along and higher up stands the splendid mansion of J.V. Robbins, surrounded with well-cultivated fields showing, in a high degree, the sweets of a farmer’s life in the West.

From inquiry we learn that an unusual large amount of grain is being sown this spring, and should the season prove a good one for crops, an immense harvest may be expected. This is all that is wanted to straighten out matters in Wisconsin. The stringency of the times for the past two years has had the effect to check extravagance, and teach us how to live. The times have been grievous to bear, but they will prove a rich blessing in the lessons they have taught.

The work upon the Madison and Watertown railroad is progressing well. A large number of men are at work between Hanchetteville and Sun Prairie. And the intention of the company is to push it through to (Madison) during this season. This will open up a connection from this city with the northeastern part of the state, which will prove of vast advantage to the country.

We trust the good work will go on.