Weather delays lifting of climbers’ bodies from Indian peak

June 27, 2019

NEW DELHI (AP) — An Indian paramilitary official says that bad weather is continuing to delay the evacuation of seven bodies believed to be from a missing team of international climbers.

A spokesman for the Indo-Tibetan Border Force, Vivek Kumar Pandey, said Thursday that its mountaineers have shifted the bodies to an open area from where they hope they can be picked up by helicopter and transported to base camp in a day or two.

Veteran British mountaineer Martin Moran led three other Britons, two Americans, an Australian and an Indian on an expedition on notoriously dangerous Nanda Devi East in northern India. Contact with the team was lost on May 26 following an avalanche.

Paramilitary climbers reached the bodies four days ago. An eighth body has yet to be found.

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