Be more neighborly to Edgewood -- Karie Krantz

December 6, 2018

I live in the Vilas neighborhood and support the proposed enhancements to the Edgewood High School field. In fact, my family moved into this neighborhood because of its proximity to Edgewood and all the other great things it offers: Monroe Street, Lake Wingra, the zoo, the Arboretum, Camp Randall and the bike path.

We embrace that living in the city comes with extra noise, traffic and occasional inconveniences -- it is the city after all. There are plenty of places around Madison to live with more space and quiet.

Come on, neighbors. Why can’t we be just that -- neighbors -- to Edgewood High School? Let’s set a good example for all Madison area high schoolers and show them what a community looks like, the importance of give and take, and why this neighborhood is one of the best around. Our country is divisive enough -- we should all be focusing on more important issues.

Edgewood has gone above and beyond the requirements of the city amendment process and has done its best to address neighbor concerns. It is time for the city to do what is right and let these kids play on their home field with pride.

Karie Krantz, Madison

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