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Augusto Macedo

January 20, 1997

LISBON, Portugal (AP) _ Augusto Macedo, Lisbon’s oldest taxi driver who ferried passengers around the capital in a vintage Oldsmobile, died Friday. He was 94.

RTP television said Macedo died the day ``Taxi Lisboa″ by German director Wolf Gaudlitz hit cinemas here. He had been hospitalized a month ago after suffering a heart attack.

The movie is based on Macedo’s recollections of his 68 years as a cab driver in Lisbon and features scenes of old Lisbon, a weird variety of passengers traveling in the 1928 Oldsmobile, and Macedo telling tales seated on one of the black and green cab’s running boards.

Tamara Makarova

MOSCOW (AP) _ Tamara Makarova, the famed Russian actress and teacher, has died, the ITAR-Tass news agency said Sunday. She was 89.

Makarova’s movie career began while she was a student at the Leningrad Theatrical Institute. Her name was closely connected with film director Sergei Gerasimov, her husband and teacher who died in 1985. She starred in such Soviet era films as ``Seven Brave Men,″ ``Big Earth,″ ``The Young Guards″ and ``To Love A Man.″

In 1944, she began her teaching career and became a professor at the State Institute of Cinematographers in 1958.

She was named a People’s Artist of the Soviet Union and was awarded the Order of Lenin for her work in film.

ITAR-Tass gave no information about the day Makarova died or the cause of death.

James Bennett Pritchard

BRYN MAWR, Pa. (AP) _ James Bennett Pritchard, an archaeologist who spent decades digging in the dust to shed light on the life and history of ancient Middle Eastern towns, died Jan. 1. He was 87.

Pritchard was a former professor of religious thought at the University of Pennsylvania, and a curator of biblical archaeology at Penn’s Museum of of Archeology and Anthropology. His experience in the field dated back to the 1930s when he helped first dig out the biblical city of Bethel while a student.

In a dig in the mid-1960s, at Tel es-Sa’idiyeh, his archaeologists found a jewel-covered skeleton of a woman in what was said to be the richest tomb found in the country of Jordan up till that time.

He was the author of books, monographs or magazine articles on the ancient history of the Near East. Among his books were ``Gibeon: Where the Sun Stood Still,″ and ``Recovering Serepta, a Phoenician City.″

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