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Man Killed In Car Bombing Was To Testify In Drug Trial

June 11, 1985

MIAMI (AP) _ A man who was killed when a bomb ripped his car apart last week had agreed to testify this week in a federal drug smuggling trial, his attorney said.

Glenn Neil Gibbs, 28, had offered to testify in a marijuana smuggling trial in Portland, Maine, but his information would have only confirmed what federal informants had already reported, attorney Jack Blumenfield said Monday.

″By killing him, nobody accomplished anything,″ Blumenfield said.

Gibbs, 28, died Thursday when a bomb exploded in his car on a busy suburban street.

Gibbs was indicted in 1981 for his involvement in an alleged conspiracy to unload 100,000 pounds of marijuana in Maine. The indictment linked him with confessed smugglers Timothy Minnig and Robert Frappier.

Minnig and Frappier testified last year that they ran one of the largest drug smuggling operations in the Northeast. They also testified about alleged drug corruption in the Bahamas.

Blumenfeld said Gibbs had planned to plead guilty Friday to one of the two conspiracy charges against him in return for a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a dismissal of all other charges.

Gibbs, who had a wife and three young children, had declined an offer of federal protection. ″He didn’t think he needed it,″ Blumenfeld said.

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