Letter: News media must earn trust, demonstrate respect for citizens

August 12, 2018

On the Internet, every click is counted. On cable TV, all watching eyes are marked. Electronic media is a constant battle for what has more clicks, more likes, more views. In the fight for consumers, cable news channels have turned every story into a Herculean drama meant to enlist viewers into a battle of madness, assuring them that the anger they feel at the “other side” while watching a program is productive. A news channel becomes a safe haven, where what is right and what is wrong are clear, and the worldview a channel feeds to its viewers is constantly assured.

With this, the value of the printed newspaper becomes apparent. When one purchases a newspaper, the specific sections one reads are private. The reader is trusted to know what they want to read, and the paper provides clear sections of factual news, opinions, community happenings, and other entertainment.

As newspapers must appeal to whole communities, their contents must be diverse and trustworthy. In a time of derision, the factors that matter in the media we consume are clear: trust and respect of the viewer.

Marleigh Van Dellen


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