Walker’s education record is a joke -- Bob Vetter

October 9, 2018

Did you hear the joke about the Midwestern governor who stripped bargaining rights from public school teachers, demonized teachers who protested his actions, dramatically reduced state funding for public schools, then patted himself on the back when he partially restored the funding he withheld from public schools? And did I mention he also reduced funding for his state’s university system by hundreds of millions of dollars?

The punchline to this joke is that when this same governor ran for re-election he ran as the “education governor.” This joke would be hysterical if it were not sadly true about Wisconsin’s own Scott Walker.

Wisconsin voters need to remember what Gov. Walker has actually done to public education in Wisconsin and not be fooled by campaign rhetoric this November when they vote. If they do that, maybe Gov. Walker can look forward to becoming a comedy writer instead of a failed education governor.

Bob Vetter, Madison

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