Milk Chugging

December 22, 2018

At least PART of the motivation for getting in amazing shape is to look sexier, right? Well there isn’t anything sexy about this.

Apparently, one of the hottest new fitness trends is . . . chugging a gallon of whole milk every day. It’s called the GOMAD Diet, which stands for Gallon Of Milk A Day.

And obviously it’s not to lose weight . . . it’s for people looking to pack on muscle by powering down an extra 2,400 calories a day to supplement their hashtag sick gains.

But there are three MAJOR problems . . .

1. Studies have found a connection between high levels of calcium and prostate cancer. Plus when you drink that much whole milk, you could be too full to eat other foods that have the vitamins and nutrients you need.

2. Chugging milk is apparently a hot trend for WHITE SUPREMACISTS. They want to prove that their European roots help them process lactose better. Yeah that’s a cool idea.

3. And one big side effect of pounding that much milk is . . . horrible FLATULENCE. As one guy said, quote, “The biggest downside . . . were the farts, man. I’m not good with dairy, so more often than not I felt like [a**], literally.”

( Mel Magazine )

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