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3 Counter-demonstrators Arrested at Extreme Right Rally in Germany

July 30, 1994

WUERZBURG, Germany (AP) _ Three leftists were arrested Saturday after a tussle with police at a rally by right-wing extremists opposed to the construction of a mosque in a Bavarian town.

The rally in Karlstadt was held by about 50 members of the German National Party, whose leader has been jailed for denying the Nazis systematically killed Jews during World War II.

About 200 counter-demonstrators hooted at the demonstrators from across metal barriers set up by police. Police grabbed one man when he hurled a stack of National Party literature into a fountain.

A man who threw a tomato at police and two other men who tussled with police were arrested, police commander Peter Wiesler said.

A photographer filming the scene had his camera seized. The ″perhaps exaggerated″ behavior of the policeman who exposed the photographer’s film was being investigated, Wiesler said.

The National Party, a small, legal anti-foreigner party, was protesting against the 600-member Turkish community’s plan to build a mosque in the town of 18,000 in southern Germany. The 80-foot minaret would ″Islamicize″ the Bavarian landscape, the party says.

German and U.S. Jewish organizations complain that German authorities aren’t taking a hard enough line against anti-foreigner and anti-Semitic violence.

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