Letter to the editor: On Kavanaugh, Casey is putting constituents first

August 2, 2018

In the editorial “Don’t obstruct process, Sen. Casey” (July 16, TribLIVE) you suggest that Sen. Bob Casey will obstruct the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court -- as Sen. Pat Toomey had successfully helped do with Merrick Garland -- in an attempt to “genuflect to the hard left.”

The Why Courts Matter-PA coalition finds that assertion preposterous. To the contrary, Casey is listening to his constituents and evoking his constitutional role of providing advice and consent for judicial nominees. Kavanaugh is not a consensus, mainstream nominee by design. Kavanaugh was picked from a corrupted list of 25 judges, hand-selected by dark-money sources and outside groups such as the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation, because of his already-vetted extremist, right-wing ideology. Kavanaugh will be another justice who puts powerful and corporate interests above the average American.

Casey and his constituents want an independent voice on the judiciary, not a justice who will rubber-stamp the Trump administration. Kavanaugh’s record and beliefs tell us he will assert his political agenda and will not be an independent check on the president. His nomination serves to activate the far-right base, including those on the right who have misgivings about other areas of Trump’s out-of-control administration, but want control of the third branch.

Casey is putting his constituents’ needs first. All of our elected officials should fear their constituents in 2018 and beyond if they don’t protect our liberties and listen to the will of the people.

Kadida Kenner


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