Falsehoods In Pro-Life Center Ad

January 27, 2019

Editor: I would like to address and correct a few of the falsehoods made by the Pro-Life Center in their Jan. 13 anti-Planned Parenthood advertisement. First, they mention the amount of taxpayer funds going to Planned Parenthood without clarifying that, by law, none of it can be used for abortions. This taxpayer money instead pays for educational, contraceptive and health screening programs, many of which reduce the need for abortion. Next, they state that 78 percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are in African-American neighborhoods. In fact, according to the Guttmacher Institute, only 40 percent are in minority neighborhoods. They further state that the abortion rate for African-American women in Alabama during an unspecified year was 72 percent; in actuality, the rate was only 28 percent as of 2014, according to Guttmacher. The ad then repeats the odious claim, popular among abortion opponents, that Planned Parenthood has a genocidal agenda regarding African-Americans. They back this up with the words of an anti-choice commentator instead of mainstream research. Third, they do the same thing with their assertion that medication abortion is unusually dangerous; the Mayo Clinic website confirms that severe complications from medication abortion are rare. Fourth, and most egregiously of all, the Pro-Life Center references anti-choice activist David Daleiden’s video “expose” of Planned Parenthood’s alleged sales of fetal body parts, ignoring allegations the video were doctored. Nor does their ad mention that Daleiden was prosecuted for several crimes related to the production of these videos. The fact that the Pro-Life Center needs to spread falsehoods to make their case shows that, in truth, they have no case. If the organization opposes abortion and does not like Planned Parenthood, they should at least be honest that their objections are based on moral beliefs instead of facts. Dawn Drumin DALLAS

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