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VENICE, Italy (AP) _ The elaborate, multicolored glassware produced on the Venetian island of Murano will now carry a trademark to protect it from knockoffs.

The trademark will be registered with the European Union and appear on all genuine Murano glass, the consortium which markets the products said Thursday.

The mark will be a lilac-colored sticker featuring a glass maker's blow pipe and the Italian inscription ``Artistic Glass _ Murano'' produced on a film that makes it difficult to counterfeit.

In recent years, Venice has been flooded by fakes, mostly manufactured in China, prompting the island glassmaking consortium, Promovetro, to seek the trademark.

Since the 13th century, Murano, an island in the Venetian lagoon, has been famous for its glasswork, including ornate crystal chandeliers and mirror frames which adorn the palaces of Europe's aristocracy.

The trademark for Murano glass is part of a larger effort by officials who say too many people are making money from Venice's historic treasures and name without benefit to the city.