Stop GOP from wasting our tax dollars -- Ginny White

July 30, 2018

Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators approved a $3 billion incentive package for Foxconn, a multinational corporation. No surprise, now another multinational company, Kimberly-Clark, is angling for its own state incentive package.

President Donald Trump wants to use $12 billion in federal tax dollars for emergency aid to farmers and ranchers hurt by retaliation against his import tariffs. Who will be next?

Republicans claim to hate taxes, but they like to raid state and federal treasuries and transfer public money to private groups. This kind of short-term decision-making pleases their billionaire donors and political base, but it doesn’t help the rest of us.

We urgently need improved infrastructure, roads, schools, health care, technology, air and water quality, security and more. We need public-spirited officials who will govern for the greater long-term good, not for the next election.

Gov. Walker and President Trump are treating state and federal treasuries like their own personal piggy banks because they can. They control all three branches of government at the state and federal levels, so no one can stop them from wasting our tax dollars. They can’t help themselves.

Let’s show them tough love in November by electing Democrats.

Ginny White, Madison

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