Clinton Rosette Principal set to take district administrator job

May 9, 2019

DeKALB – Tim Vincent said the past few days have been tough as news of his move from principal at Clinton Rosette Middle School to district administrator has come out.

Starting July 1, Vincent will begin a new job as District 428′s director of curriculum and instruction after a unanimous vote Tuesday by school board. According to board documents, Vincent will earn a salary of $130,200, and the district will pay his entire pension contribution and health insurance premium.

Vincent, 39, has worked at Clinton Rosette for 15 years, first as a student teacher, then a teacher, and an assistant principal, and will close out seven years as principal June 30. He said he’ll miss the daily interactions with students most.

“I’m excited, but it was a tough decision,” Vincent said Wednesday. “I’ve spent so much time at Clinton Rosette, it’s been a really valuable experience with students, staff, and their families over the last 15 years. As news of this has gone out, students are asking me about it, and that’s the part I anticipate missing the most.”

In his new role, Vincent will oversee management of all things curriculum, including state-mandated school improvement plans to continue the process of addressing low-performing schools in the district. The board approved the plans in February, addressing the Illinois Report Card data released in November that rated Tyler Elementary “lowest-performing”, and Founders Elementary, Littlejohn Elementary, Malta Elementary, Clinton Rosette Middle School and Huntley Middle School were all rated “underperforming.”

Vincent said because his focus the last several years has been Clinton Rosette, he plans to spend the transition period gathering information from the schools identified.

“My role is just to listen to everybody and talk with as many people as I can,” Vincent said. “Yes, at those schools that have received those designations, but also the district as a whole. I’ll be interacting with a lot more people and areas I don’t have direct experience with, so it’s going to be important to listen to the experts currently serving in those roles.”

Samantha McDavid, D-428 board president, said that although she was not on the board yet when Vincent was chosen for the role, only when his position was approved, she believes he brings a lot of good attributes.

“Tim Vincent has been a leader in the district for quite some time,” McDavid said. “He’s been involved in district-level committees as well as a building principal. He has many leadership skills, including his willingness to work as a team member.”