Hunger statistics are daunting but possible to overcome

October 12, 2018


Statistics can be astonishing. Statistics can fill a person with awe, like when we are given the distance to the nearest star. (That’s 93,000,000 miles, in case you’re wondering.)

Statistics can encourage a person, like rising literacy rates worldwide. (They’re over 84 percent, as compared to 56 percent in the 1950s.)

Or statistics can be discouraging, as when we hear that one in nine people worldwide is malnourished. Or when we understand that 16 percent of Gage County children live in poverty. Or when we learn that 14 million children in our own country live in food-insecure homes, where families cannot afford to buy adequate food for every person in the household.

Those are disheartening statistics. But there is good news. According to - you guessed it - statistics, there is enough food produced in the world to feed everybody. Food production has increased 17 percent in the last 30 years.

The problem is one of distribution. Many people, because of war, drought, conditions of a changing climate or poverty, cannot produce or buy enough food to feed themselves and their families.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ending hunger is possible. It’s possible within this generation. And CROP Hunger Walks are part of the solution.

For many years, the Beatrice CROP Walk was an annual October event. I remember looking forward to it as a child, and, when our own kids got old enough to be involved, I took them along. A brisk walk on a gorgeous October day coupled with the knowledge that one is helping to feed hungry people made the CROP Walk a highlight of autumn.

The Beatrice Ministerial Association is happy to be bringing the CROP Walk back to Beatrice. 25 percent of the money raised will stay in the local area to help Gage County families in need. Church World Service will distribute the rest to places in need across the globe, helping them develop sustainable means by which to supply their own needs. From emergency food supplies to digging wells, from seeds and tools to technical education, CROP helps communities put a stop to hunger.

Join us! To form a team or to donate, contact Pastor Kathee Forrest at kathee.forrest@gmail.com 402-239-9798, or contact me at marybethtuttle@yahoo.com. Meet us at Holy Cross Lutheran Church at 1 p.m., Oct. 14. Together we can help CROP stop hunger.

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