Home delivery, weed lounges in N.J.’s latest legalization plan

November 30, 2018

By Staff

The bill to legalize marijuana in New Jersey is a 145-page goodie bag that says Yes to home deliveries made through a smart-phone app and to BYOW (bring-your-own weed) smoking lounges.  It would //also// allow hotels to set aside 20 percent of their guest rooms for cannabis tokers, offer legal forgiveness to people arrested for possessing and selling small amounts of weed, encourage the cannabis industry to set up union shops, and more, much more.

The proposal that is advancing to the floor of the legislature, after a committee hearing last week, is now on full display after weeks of backroom discussions.  Supporters predict it will become a model for other states with its all-inclusive approach to weed regulation, while critics say it is an overly ambitious plan that sends the wrong message to children.

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