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Five Arrested in Alleged Cocaine Ring at Nuclear Plant

December 9, 1985

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (AP) _ An 11-month undercover inquiry at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant led to the arrest of four current or former security guards for investigation of selling cocaine, authorities said.

A fifth person, who was living with one of the four, also was arrested during the investigation by the San Luis Obispo County Narcotics Task Force, which includes sheriff’s and police investigators.

Sources at the plant said internal investigators were scrutinizing the plant’s entire security force and that some plant employees were suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, the San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune reported Sunday.

″We have initiated some administrative action and we anticipate that we’ll continue,″ said Lyman Schaffer, director of corporate security for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. He declined to give details of the suspensions.

Task force agents said they had been making undercover buys of cocaine since last January, including one transaction that allegedly took place in front of the power plant’s main gates, according to court documents filed with arrest warrants.

A total of 24 grams - more than three-quarters of an ounce - allegedly was bought from the five people.

Current guards arrested for investigation of selling cocaine were Kevin M. White, 24, of Grover City, Cheryl Stacy-Wilson, 28, of Palm Springs, and Rick W. Hani, 28, of Atascadero. Former guard Donna Kay Clark, 29, of Grover City and Stephen Lee Wilson, 34, also were arrested for investigation of selling the drug.

White was arrested Nov. 17, while the other three were arrested last week.

White, an armed security guard, was employed by PG&E. Ms. Stacy-Wilson and Hani worked as guards at Diablo Canyon for American Protective Services, which contracts with PG&E to provide security at the plant.

Ms. Clark, a former Pinkerton security employee who worked at Diablo until mid-1984, and Wilson share a house in Grover City, officials said. Wilson is a county animal regulation officer.

The U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission was unaware of the arrests at the twin-reactor, $5.6 billion plant 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles, said NRC spokesman Greg Cook.

He said the NRC will look at the involvement of the security staff, the training and selection of guards, and whether the plant security was compromised.

The investigation marks the third time in two years that plant employees have been arrested for investigation of selling cocaine.

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