LOS ANGELES (AP) _ An expert testified today he was ``100 percent certain'' the gloves O.J. Simpson wore during a 1991 football broadcast were the same unique style as those found by murder investigators.

Richard Rubin, a former executive for Aris Isotoner, said Simpson also appears to be wearing this glove model during another football broadcast seven months before the killings.

Called by prosecutors to repair damage from the demonstration fiasco _ in which Simpson struggled to squeeze his hands into the evidence gloves _ Rubin based his opinions on an inspection of videotape and still photos of Simpson at wintry football games.

Rubin said a video of Simpson at a Jan. 6, 1991, Oilers-Bengals NFL playoff game showed Simpson wearing Aris Lights with distinctive type of stitch called Brasser stitching.

``Based on what I've seen, I would say this is style 70263, size extra large, brown,'' said Rubin, noting that he determined Simpson's glove size when ``I shook the defendant's hand.''

``How certain are you of that?'' asked Deputy District Attorney Christopher Darden.

``I'm 100 percent certain,'' he said.

Rubin said this model was ``quite rare'' and was manufactured in ``very limited'' quantity.

He said the gloves are distinguished by their stitching, a V-shaped vent in the palm, a special hem at the wrist, thin leather and lining.

Police found one bloody, brown glove near the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman at Ms. Simpson's Bundy Drive condominium, and the apparent mate behind Simpson's house on Rockingham Avenue a few miles away.

Showing Rubin photographs of a gloved Simpson from the same Bengals-Bills game, Darden asked: ``Are the gloves worn by the defendant in these ... photographs the same style as the gloves found at Bundy and at Rockingham?''

``Yes, they are,'' Rubin said.

Rubin also said a photo of Simpson at a Dec. 12, 1993, Giants-Colts game in New Jersey appears to show the football commentator wearing the brown Aris Lights. But he said he wasn't as certain in this instance because the quality of the photo wasn't as good.

Other photographs showed Simpson wearing a pair of the same model black gloves. Prosecutors contend Simpson is wearing black and brown Aris Lights gloves that his ex-wife bought for him in December 1990.

Jurors were called into the courtroom and Rubin took the stand minutes after lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. disclosed a new juror problem. He bitterly complained about Judge Lance Ito's offer to spend additional public money for a sequestered juror, contending the deal would affect the jury.

``It will taint that particular juror,'' Cochran told Ito. ``The rest of the jurors aren't getting that benefit. This jury will be even more beholden to your honor.''

Cochran, at the judge's request, was vague about details of the deal, saying only that it involved ``some rental property she is handling.'' The juror was not further identified.

Cochran threatened to file an emergency appeal. Ito said Cochran had that right but added, ``You realize there's precedents for it.''

The offer was the first notice in court since jurors were sequestered Jan. 11 that the long trial is taking a financial toll. Jurors have been free to express the emotional harm sequestration has taken.

In the 245 days jurors have been sequestered, they have earned $5 a day or a total of $1,225 each.

The prosecution paved the way for Rubin's rebuttal testimony Monday, calling six professional and amateur photographers. Rubin used the photos those witnesses identified to compare the gloves.

Defense lawyers fought to keep out the glove pictures, saying prosecutors had them before they rested their case last July and should not have been allowed to hold them back for dramatic effect until the rebuttal case.

Ito said although prosecutors received some of the pictures before resting, they had no obligation to use them before they could be analyzed.

The witnesses were called after prosecutors were forced to begin their rebuttal case even though the defense refused to rest its case. The defense planned an emergency midtrial appeal after Ito refused to strike some of retired Detective Mark Fuhrman's testimony or grant the retired detective immunity from perjury prosecution.

Another issue threatening to stall the end of the defense's case was Cochran's disclosure Monday that he had met with the judge privately to inform him that there may be ``startling'' information regarding a ``critical witness.''

The Los Angeles Times, citing unidentified defense sources, said today the defense team is investigating possible impeachment evidence against a ``key prosecution witness.'' The paper did not elaborate.

Fuhrman testified he found a bloody glove on Simpson's estate that matched one near the bodies of Ms. Simpson and Goldman.

For more than a year, Fuhrman has been a target of attacks by defense attorneys, who contend he is a racist capable of framing Simpson.