Dress alike with summer family fashion from Disney

May 3, 2019

It’s just about summertime and that means summer vacations, cookouts, parties and a lot of fun.

Disney has a new line of summer clothes for the entire family. Everyone can show their family unity and Disney spirit with these new fashions.

The Summer Fun collection is whimsical as well as classy! Beach balls, ice cream, Mickey and Minnie, along with cacti and some other colorful items combine to create a summer pattern that will brighten up even those rare overcast days.

For moms (sizes XS-XXL) there is a button down shift dress that can be worn as a dress or even as a cover-up over a swimsuit. For girls (sizes 2- 9/10) and girl babies (0-24 months) there is a free-flowing dress with shoulder straps that are topped off with a bow. Fathers (sizes S-XXL), boys (sizes 2-9/10), and boy babies (sizes 0-24 months) get button down shirts with patch pockets on the left chest. Pair the shirts with white, tan, blue, red or any color slacks or shorts, and they make a fun and colorful ensemble.

The clothing is all 100% cotton so it will keep you cool in the hot summer. They might tend to wrinkle just a bit, however, I found some pressing with your hand will loosen up the wrinkles and the items will look fresh and new. They all have a white background with chambray pockets.

The girls’ dresses have white lining, chambray straps and a chambray hem. The material is soft to the touch, and since the design is not embroidered there are not rough areas inside the dresses or shirts to irritate sensitive skin.

The dress for babies is the perfect shape to accommodate a diaper without messing up the look of the cute outfit, and there is a matching diaper cover that comes with the dress.

If you are having a summer family reunion, going on a family cruise or vacation, going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, or simply going on a picnic, it’s fun to wear matching outfits. Once your child becomes a teenager, he/she will not want to dress as a family, so enjoy this time while you can.

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Summer Fun dress for girls lists for $29.95, the shirt for boys lists for $22.95, the dress for babies lists for $24.95, the shirt for boys lists for $19.95, the dress for women lists for $49.95, and the shirt for men lists for $39.95. They are available at the Disney website (shopDisney.com).