Throwback Thursday: What was going on in Winona 130 years ago?

March 28, 2019

Here’s a sampling of the news of the day, as it was reported in the Winona Daily Republican on Thursday, March 28, 1889.

Killed by the caboose

At 8:30 last evening, William Drake, gang foreman in the employ of the Milwaukee Road, and wife were run down by a caboose on the road. The woman was dreadfully mangled, while Drake is injured beyond recovery.

They got off the evening passenger train eastbound at the North Side station, and the caboose being backed down on the next track had no lanterns out so in the noise and bustle, they did not observe it until it was upon them.

Mrs. Drake was thrown down and her cloak caught by the steps of the caboose so that she was dragged along a car length before the engine stopped. Drake was struck such a violent blow as to pitch him off the track with a gash five inches long across the right side of the face between the eye and the ear, probably a dislocated spine and internal injuries.

Drake recovered partial consciousness after being taken home, but does not know of his wife’s fate.

Field examined

The man Thomas Field was brought up for examination before Judge Allen on Thursday charged with stealing the watch and jewelry from the residence of Mr. Roscoe T. Doud in this city about a week ago.

Mrs. Doud first testified as to the jewelry stolen.

Field wore an air of studied indifference while the testimony was given. He avoided looking at Mrs. Doud, but occasionally cast a furtive glance toward her.

Sheriff Braily told about getting the prisoner at the jail in Faribault. Defendant told Sheriff Brailey that he bought the watch off a gambler. The sheriff related some of the talk he had with the prisoner on the way down. He told the sheriff that he had no “partner” and knew nothing about any other jewelry.

Ellen Strand, the girl employed at Doud’s identified the prisoner as one of the two whom she caught rifling the bureau drawer.

Field was held to the district court in the sum of $1,000.

Board of health notice

The attention of owners of premises and householders is called to the following regulations and directions of the Board of Health of Winona:

Privy vaults and cesspools should now be cleaned, and the same, with surroundings, put in a good condition. No new vaults may bo sunk in place of old ones which require emptying. It is recommended that no privy vaults he sunk in the earth in any case. There is a better, more sanitary and cheaper method of construction and management of privies. Information will ho furnished upon application at the health office

Alleys and yards must be cleaned, and all obstructions and nuisances removed.

All persons are forbidden to deposit house garbage in streets or alleys. Householders are advised either to burn the kitchen garbage or to provide a neat and substantial receptacle for the house garbage, and place it where it shall be accessible to the scavenger. Notice given at the Health Office will secure the regular removal of the garbage.

Kitchen slops, not containing solid garbage, may be disposed of in gardens and back yards if properly worked into the soil and net allowed to stand in pools and thereby become a nuisance.

The removal of offensive garbage, contents of privy vaults, cesspools, etc., must be to such places as designated by the Board of Health, as advertised in the papers, and by notices posted in accordance with the city ordinance.

Information concerning scavenger work may he had upon application at tho Health Office, over Von Rohr’s drug store, corner of Third and Lafayette Streets.

A thorough, inspection of the city, under the direction of the Board of Health, will be made during the Spring months.

Local brevities

Anonymous communications, and those written on both sides of the paper, will not be published.Dr. Simon Lubowircke has taken the position of assistant editor of the Wiarus.The lodgers, one drunk and one vagrant were reported as the police business last night.An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Larabee died Thursday morning, aged two months.A horse owned by Mr. V. Simpson, while hitched to a post on Center Street, yesterday afternoon, slipped down and broke a thill.Mr. L. Stout, who was laid up some two or three weeks from a strain sustained while engaged at the Porter mill, was fortunate enough to have an accident policy, and the claim was promptly paid by a draft from the general office at Chicago.A man was driving up Third Street on Wednesday evening, when his horse broke through the wooden cross walk near the corner of Center Street. The horse fell and broke the harness. It was a wonder that he did not break his leg. Would it not be well for the city to consider the economy of putting in substantial stone crossings at least where they get so-much wear, and where the liability of incurring a suit for damages is so great?Mr. J.T. Ramer, while engaged in patting up some shafting at the Winona and St. Peter shops had the misfortune to badly injure one of his thumbs by a mis-stroke of a hammer.Mr. William Spencer and family are preparing to occupy their farm at Witoka, and among other enterprises will engage largely in poultry raising. As a starter he has purchased at Philadelphia a handsome pair of bronze turkeys costing $10, a pair of Pekin ducks for $6 and a choice lot of six Light Brahma fowls. Mr. Spencer will continue for the present season in charge of the glazing shop of the Laird-Norton Co., but the family will remove to the farm in a few days.A large upright boiler has lately been placed in the round house at the Winona and St. Peter shops, which will be used for washing out boilers with hot water. It will be much more efficient than the old way with cold water.The bill providing for the creation of park commission for the city of Winona passed the Senate on Wednesday under a suspension of the rules.Invitations are out for the marriage of Mr. Charles Kimball’s daughter, Miss Martha Burton, to Mr. Spier Willard Schooley, April 2 at the Congregational church. Miss Kimball is a well-known young lady of this city, and Mr. Schooley is an engineer on the Winona and St. Peter road.Hon. Henry Keeler, State Senator from Stearns County, will be in Winona this evening as the guest of Senator Hayden. It is understood that Mr. Keller has in view a business investment here, which, if carried out, would prove of great benefit to Winona.Under the proposed amendment to the municipal court act of the city of Winona it is provided that appeals may be taken to the District court on questions of fact as well as questions of law. It also provides for a change of venue from the municipal judge to the special judge upon the payment of a $5 fee.The law now requires that the city clerk of cities of a population of 100,000 and upwards shall collect the vital statistics. Cities under that status are dependent upon the State Board of Health for the collection of these statistics, and Senator Truax proposes to alter the law whereby in cities of 18,000 inhabitants, the clerks must collect the vital statistics. This change concerns Winona. Formerly the work of collecting the statistics was done by the city clerk, but some two years ago the law was amended so as to give the work to the health officer.