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U.N. Team Heading To Iraq On Thursday

January 20, 1993

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) _ The 70-member U.N. inspection team that has been stranded in Bahrain for more than two weeks will leave for Iraq on Thursday, U.N. regional chief Doug Englund said.

Englund said Wednesday night he had received the go ahead from the U.N. Special Commission. Baghdad cleared the way for the inspectors’ flight Tuesday.

The U.N. group includes the 25-member chemical destruction team led by American Paul Brough, the staff of the Baghdad office, as well as medics, an aerial survey team and helicopter crews.

Iraq had imposed conditions on the inspection team’s flights, angering the United States and other Western governments by its defiance of Gulf War cease- fire conditions. Allied planes and U.S. cruise missiles attacked Iraq repeatedly in the past week.

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