Letter to the editor: Republicans inept, out of touch

August 17, 2018

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell do not understand Donald Trump. Trump keeps his promises and does what is best for the American people. This approach to governing is foreign to the Republican leaders. Remember what Trump said about the last spending bill that funded the military? To paraphrase: “I will never sign another bill with this much fat in it.” Trump is not driven by politics.

Guess what? There is another spending bill coming up. If funding for border security, immigration, etc. is not in the bill, Trump has threatened to shut down the government. He will. Ryan, McConnell, Democrats, Chamber of Commerce Republicans and RINOS think this move will be catastrophic to Trump’s presidency. Wrong. They think his move will cost the Republicans the House and possibly the Senate. Wrong.

Trump’s move will show once and for all how inept and out of touch with the American people the above group truly is. Sadly, Ryan and McConnell have chosen not to support Trump in his effort to reduce the size of the federal government, build the wall, fix our broken immigration system, fix the unfair trade agreements and improve foreign policy. This is a Republican problem.

Paul Carrick 

North Huntingdon

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