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Convicted Rapist-Mutilator Seeks Victim’s Arrest

April 12, 1988

SAN QUENTIN, Calif. (AP) _ A rapist who cut off his victim’s forearms says that when his parole ends April 25 he may visit Oregon, where his mutilated victim was last known to be living.

Lawrence Singleton, 60, who spent the first part of his parole shuttling from town to town when no community would accept him, said he plans to spend his ″first few days″ of freedom with a church group in Oregon, the Antioch Daily Ledger reported Monday.

He would not disclose the exact location and did not rule out a return to California and Contra Costa County, east of San Francisco. His victim, Mary Vincent, has said she is frightened that Singleton could find her and harm her.

Singleton, an ex-sailor, was convicted in 1979 of raping Vincent, then 15, and chopping off her forearms on Sept. 29, 1978. He was sentenced to a 14- year, four-month term but was released on parole last year for good behavior and through work credits.

He has spent the last 10 months of his year-long parole in a mobile home on the grounds of San Quentin state prison. Gov. George Deukmejian arranged for Singleton to live there following confrontations with politicians and residents of communities who did not want him in their cities.

In July, state corrections officials considered allowing Singleton to serve his parole with a farm family in Azalea, Ore., who wrote to California officials and offered Singleton a job as a handyman. Oregon officials refused to grant permission for the move.

Singleton did not say if he plans to live with the family, but when his parole ends he will be able to live where he pleases.

Vincent, interviewed after Singleton’s parole, was reported by the Modesto Bee to be living at an undisclosed location in southern Oregon. She said at the time she was scared that Singleton would find her and harm her again.

With last year’s protests in mind, authorities may take Singleton to an undisclosed site in the state before releasing him, said Ron Chun, regional director of the state Department of Corrections.

If Singleton lives anywhere in California, Chun said, he will have to register as a sex offender within 10 days.

Singleton continues to insist he did not attack Vincent, portraying himself as a victim and the young woman as a drug-crazed kidnapper.

Singleton told the Daily Ledger he is seeking a criminal investigation into his allegation that Vincent kidnapped him in 1978.

″(She) told me that if I did not comply with her wishes she would poke out my eyes, smash my face, and hurt, hurt, hurt me and say that I raped her,″ Singleton wrote in a request for Vincent’s arrest, a copy of which he gave to the Ledger.

The typed request says Singleton picked up Vincent hitchhiking in Berkeley and that she began smoking the drug PCP. He says they picked up two male hitchhikers and that they and Vincent extorted money from him. He left Vincent in Sacramento and never saw her again, Singleton said.

Singleton contends it was the hitchhikers who assaulted Vincent. Authorities maintain the two hitchhikers never existed.

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