Lots of moving and shaking continues in Columbus

November 25, 2018

The Nov. 6 general election is history and a huge Thank You to the Columbus voters for saying yes to the continued funding of Economic Development. I believe the need was well spelled out, questions were answered and the public saw the benefits. And I believe the public saw the “Good Stewards” of these dollars that we have been.

Congratulations to Rich Jablonski, Prent Roth, Beth Augustine and Dennis Kresha for their re-election to the City Council seats.

Congratulations to Mike Moser, oh excuse me, soon to be Sen. Moser for his victory. Mike will be an excellent voice for Columbus, Platte County and the rest of District 22. And congratulations to all the county and all other candidates that won their races. Your desire to serve is appreciated.

It continues to be busy in our community. We recently had the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Columbus Hydraulics plant. The building of this new plant keeps a vital employer in town and allows them to expand their workforce. Again, showing Columbus is a great place to do business.

Housing needs continue to be addressed. Multiple projects are close to beginning with others somewhere in the mix for approval. An apartment complex near Menards. Multiple housing units near Centennial School and near the airport are all getting close to beginning. After many years, we are finally putting a dent in our housing shortage.

I’ve had the opportunity of helping thank many citizens for their contributions to our community and for their accomplishments. The Sertoma Club gave their Service to Mankind award to Cec Bartholomew. And I attended the Optimist Club awards luncheon where six deserving high school seniors were recognized.

From Lakeview: Kyle Mohrmann and Makenna Klug. From Columbus High: Elizabeth Blaser and Lucas Miller. From Scotus: Elliott Thomazin and Hallie Parker. After listening to these students resumes I have to say that our future is in good hands!!

I was privileged to join City Staff at the Columbus Senior Center on the 16th to help serve lunch to over 200 seniors. What a special event and a special place. We often talk about “Hidden Jewels” well our Community Center is definitely such a hidden jewel. Cynthia Branting and her crew have put together an unbelievable facility that offers activities, fellowship and great food to scores of individuals. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Community Center please do. You will be impressed.

The City held its annual Employee Appreciation event on the 16th. This is an opportunity to recognize those employees that have stepped up and contributed above and beyond. Along with these awards employees are recognized for years of service and recent retirements.

The other part of the evening centers around THANKING all of the employees and the many volunteers that serve our citizens. We are blessed to be served by those that are dedicated to their jobs. These are truly unsung hero’s that go out everyday and make sure the services our citizens expect are delivered.

People take for granted that when they turn on the facet water will be there. They expect to flush the toilet and have no worries. When it snows the streets are to be cleaned. When they dial 911 they expect the Police or Fire Department to respond.

Most don’t stop to think that City employees make all of this happen on a 24/7, 365 day-a-year basis. Our employees are ready and willing to serve. They take their responsibility of serving the public very seriously.

Columbus has so much to be thankful for. I hope all of you can take some time to be thankful for your special blessings.

Jim Bulkley is the Mayor of Columbus.

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